Your video editing assistant

All the fun of putting together a video without any of the work

Use footage from any source

Tap on a video file or a photo from your smartphone to start building your final video sequence.

You can also connect your GoPro to use footage directly from your camera without having to download it manually, or connect to other sources such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Build your timeline in seconds

Place a marker during playback to select a short clip to add to your final video. Place markers on up to five clips to create a video up to 30 seconds long.

Actvt analyzes the footage around your marker and extracts the best clip so that you don't have to waste time trimming and cutting. The artificial intelligence finds the best in and out points based on what's happening in your footage.

Customize, preview, and post

Choose a pace and a music genre and preview the video selection that’s been generated using the clips you previously marked.

When you select a genre, Actvt generates unique music tracks for your videos and cuts the footage to the beat. The seamless music experience allows you to easily add atmosphere to your videos.

You can tap each clip on the timeline above for more control over your clips.

Swipe to preview different videos and pick your favorite one.

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Share it with the world

Post your Actvt video to the feed to rack up likes, comments, and subscribers. Use hashtags and explore video categories to discover other user videos and make new friends.

Share your video on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also download your video to your phone to share it privately.

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Is it free?

How is actvt pronounced?
ac·tiv·i·ty | akˈtivədē

How is it different from other video creation apps?
Unlike other video apps currently available, actvt embraces a mix between full automation and total creative control.

Are my posts private?
Users have the option to make each video public or private.

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