Our story

A long, long time ago - okay, maybe it was just 2011 - Alexander Casassovici, Pascal Manchon, and Thierry Teyssier were working on Diveboard, a community for scuba divers that allowed them share their diving experiences with other divers by posting dive information and photographs. It was during this time that the guys realized that even though they had enabled a community to connect over their shared passion, the experience wasn’t there. The content wasn’t engaging; it lacked a story. So there they stood, two techies and a designer looking for a way to bring their community’s content to life.

After months spent trying to brainstorm new ideas to improve the experience, they began talking to filmmakers who explained to them how video works. The trio enjoyed photography, but video was a completely different animal.

Videos are the ultimate way to tell a story. When compared to photography, videos allow the viewer to relive a moment unlike any other medium. That said, making a good video can be a lot of work; it can require software, time, energy, know-how. Today, most people use their smartphones or action cameras to shoot footage that rarely goes anywhere. We want to change that.

Our mission

To enable anybody to share their experiences in an engaging and relatable way.

Our founding members

Alexander Casassovici - co-founder Activity/Showdown

Alexander Casassovici aka "coach"

Co-founder & CEO

Alex has over fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur and tech consultant. He began his career doing advanced research in molecular biocomputing and since then has founded and managed multiple companies in the mobile tech and virtual reality industries.

When he's not brightening up the office with his humor, you can find him running marathons and scuba diving with his photo kit.

Pascal Manchon - co-founder Activity/Showdown

Pascal Manchon

Co-founder & CTO

Pascal is a full stack engineer and has dabbled in large-scale projects for top-tier telecom operators as well as internet startups, with roles varying from PMO to CTO. His experience and pragmatism contribute proven methods along with bleeding edge technology to make the unthinkable a reality.

Pascal and Alexander met in high school and have been inseparable since.

Like Alex, in his free time Pascal also loves to go scuba diving, especially off the coast of Marseille. Fun fact: he uses a special diving gas called trimix that enables him to dive as deep as 70m (230 ft) for longer periods of time to explore the most elusive shipwrecks.

Thierry Teyssier - co-founder Activity/Showdown

Thierry Teyssier

Co-founder & Art Director/Product Manager

Thierry began his career as a sound designer and worked for some of the biggest radio stations in France. Today, his biggest passion is the creation of optimal UI/UX for websites and applications.

He joined Alexander and Pascal after ten years as Head of the Product Design Team for aufeminin group (the number one publisher of women's websites worldwide).

When he’s able to put away his MacBook and stop designing things, he loves to take his family golfing. We imagine that it’s a nice escape from complex design principles.