What is Activity ?

An assisted mobile video editing app that enables users to mark the best moments from their video footage, select a pace and music, and then choose a video to post from the selection that is automatically generated. In addition to assisted video editing Activity also has some cool social features and functions as a video sharing network.

Is it free?


Is it available on every device?

Activity is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

How long has it been around?

The company was founded in May of 2015. The app was released on the App Store on March 17th, 2016.

Where are you guys located?

We're on the 1355 Market St. in sunny San Francisco, CA 94103. Come and visit us! If you prefer talking APIs and cloud, the tech team is located in France's Silicon Sentier in central Paris.

How is it different from other video creation apps?

Unlike other video apps currently available, Activity embraces a mix between full automation and total creative control. It makes the process of creating a shareable video fun for anybody. For a brief introduction to the world of video editing apps.

Can I post my videos to social media from the app?

You sure can. Currently you can share your videos directly to Facebook or anywhere else through the standard iOS social share button. We plan on adding more services down the line.

Are my posts private?

Users have the option to make each video public or private before posting.

Can you include photos in the videos?

Yep. Just tap on the "Pictures" tab on the creation screen to pull up the photos in your camera roll.

How do I download videos to my phone?

Go to your profile and tap on the pencil icon next to the video you want to download. Select "Download video to my device" at the bottom of the screen.

How do I post to Instagram?

In order to post your video to Instagram, you have to download it to your phone first. Unfortunately we can't connect directly to Instagram video.

How can I use Activity with my GoPro?

You can connect wirelessly to your GoPro to edit your footage directly from your camera, in any resolution, without having to download it to your phone first. For the first time it’s possible to quickly create short videos that include multiple clips, seconds after filming, from anywhere.

Activity is compatible with the Hero 3, Hero3+, and Hero 4 models, including the Session. Due to older technology the wi-fi connection is slower on the Hero 3 models.

To connect your camera connect your phone to your GoPro's wi-fi. For detailed instructions on how to do so see GoPro's pairing guide.

Once your camera's been connected all you have to do is open up the editing screen, tap on the More button, and select the GoPro from the listed options. Once you've done so the screen will populate with all the videos and photos on your GoPro camera. Tap on any of them to select a moment for your timeline and make your first video.

How do I get my video featured on Activity's feed?

We feature great user videos daily for everyone to see. The videos that we tend to feature the most have the following things in common, give it a try for yourself!

How do I log out?

To log out of Activity go to yourProfilepage, located on the menu bar, and then tap Edit profile. Scroll down and you'll find the log out button.